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Sanitarios Portátiles - Modelo Integra
  • Designed in High Molecular Weight Polyethylene.
  • The roof has more than recommended amount of UV protection. Under the top, vent stacks are place to control odor.
  • Walls are strong enough to withstand impact, but flexible enough to avoid cracking and splitting. Reinforced aluminium corners hold their shape.
  • Large door opening gives the appearance of a larger unit. Occupied indicator retracts to “unoccupied” automatically; no empty unit marked “in use”.
  • All standard size units include a Pro60 Tank, urinal and paper holder.
  • Recirculating system with flip top flush tank. Choose between foot pump or hand flush.

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Necesidades Especiales
  • The Enhanced Acces Unit provides convenient access for person in wheelchairs and for those who prefer a large portable restroom.
  • Full width handrail overlap in corners.
  • A pneumatic door closure is balanced by a heavyduty cable spring for confortable, predictable access.
  • Floor with maximum rigidity and near groundlevel access.
  • A high-impact polyethylene door is strengthened with steel rods on both sides.
  • The inside of the unit is bright and confortable.
  • Vent stacks are place to control odor.

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Kit recirculación de manos, pie y lavamanos
  • Unique 360º nozzle that create a powerful jetting action, ensuring a more complete bowl evacuation with minimal pump pressure.
  • Flapper-free design. It doesn't require a flapper to mask the visibility of the waste below.
  • Easy accessibility for cleaning works and adjustment.
  • Choose between foot or hand pump flush.
  • Pro-12 Hand Wash Station can be installed in any standard size unit and removed easily.
  • It maintains a constant flow of fresh water, while returning excess water to the main reservoir.
  • Hands-free foot pump.

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Máquinas de limpieza
  • 132 gallons- (500 litres) fresh water tank of capacity in transparent Polyethilene to control the water level.
  • Waste tank in iron-carbon galvanized by electrolysis with a capacity of 258.88 gallons (980 litres).
  • Water jet flexible tubing for cleaning operations with high/low pressure gun.
  • Vacuum Pump, Mec 1000, driven by pulley.
  • Hydro-cleaning with flexible tubing and pressure gun for a better pressure when cleaning, low/high pressure (120 bar).
  • Forced suction tubing: 2" (5 cms) width, 590" (15 m) length. Pointed pressure gun to maintain the vacuum. Filters to protect the pumps.
  • Two Honda motors of 5.5 hp.
  • Adjustable frame for any vehicle.
  • Anchorage rings for loading and unloading the pump.
  • Shut off valve to stop suction in the waste tank, in case of full capacity.
  • Manhole for the cleaning of waste tank.
  • Level viewfinder to control waste water.
  • Pressure vacuum valve and over pressure valve.
  • Racors, connections and valves for installation.

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